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The Wrong House

Jab Comix is back with another episode of The Wrong House and you shouldn’t miss this out. In case you missed the first three episodes you can check them out on the previous updates, but the main idea is that the hot chick gets banged. The name of the series says it all and this poor chick ended up in the wrong house but somehow it worked out pretty good for her. These anime chicks are the best and you guys should also check out http://artofjaguar.org/ to see more hentai porn scenes. The wrong house series continues from where it left the action last time, the chick got the wrong address, ended up in this dude’s house and now she has to find a way to get out of it. It sounds easier than it actually is.

This guy isn’t going to let her leave so easily so in exchange he asked her to fuck with him and it turned out to be the best thing that happened to her lately. Although this guy didn’t seem too interesting the moment she saw his big cock, well then everything changed. You know how these chicks are around here, all they want to do is to fuck and that’s what happened with this one as well. The busty blonde teen is going to get hers and you can see it all in the gallery below. Enjoy it and make sure to stay tuned for more xxx comix updates!

The Wrong House

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Jab Comix – Wild Situation

Another fresh week and time to get to the bottom of another jab comix everyone. We know you love seeing big titted cartoon babes as they get their holes worked hard style and that’s just what you get to see in this new scene as well. We bring you back a character that you will remember from our first scene here and she was due to receive another nice and hard style fucking this afternoon. She’s the superbly cute and sexy busty babe that you got to see tie up the last stud she banged and today she gets to have some more fun of the sexual kind with another. Let’s get her show on the road and see her at play shall we?

This whole thing takes place outdoors and as the babe and this guy were out for a picnic. She always kind of fancied getting a dicking outside and well, to be more convincing to this guy, all she had on, was her small and sexy dress with no lingerie underneath either. And as soon as she made that clear to the guy, you bet that she had him right where she wanted him as well. Take your time to watch the babe tease his cock a bit and then watch her as she gets around to spread her long sexy legs for him and watch her moan in pleasure as his nice and fat cock pounds her pussy balls deep this afternoon. Have fun with it and do come back soon for more!


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Tutoring Session

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today we have a new and fresh jab comix update for you to see and we can bet that you will adore this one as well. We get to watch another superb fuck scene with one more simply superb babe and a lucky guy that got to receive permission to pound her sweet pussy today. You see, he has a long time crush on this sexy babe, but he’s quite short in stature so ladies always dismiss him. Well he had his chance tonight as he was due to give some tutoring lessons to this hot babe and she was sure to reward him nicely for the effort as well. So let’s watch them get down and dirty in this new jabcomix scene today!


She was doing a bit poorly at school lately and since this guy is a buddy of hers, she decided to have him tutor her on some matters. Anyway, things got a bit wild, when they eventually got around to talk a bit about sex after the tutoring session and well, it ended with the babe demanding that this guy show off his cock. And rest assured that she was pleasantly surprised to see he was packing quite the nice and big dick as well. Without a thought, she just had to have it pound her cunt and you get to see them get out of their outfits fast. Watch the babe riding his huge cock with that tight wet pussy of hers and see her loving every minute of the fucking today!

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Travelling Salesman

Well here we are again once more with an all new and fresh jab comix update for you to see and you know that it’s going to be amazing. We bring you yet another cartoon hottie that gets to have some serious cock in her pussy this afternoon and she sure made this guy work on pleasing her all afternoon long too. You can check out some of our previous scenes as well and you will be able to see more horny babes getting to have their nice and tight cuts pounded hard as well. Anyway, coming back to this scene, this sexy teen had the time of her life banging this salesman for the afternoon as her cunt was in dire need of attention!

As the scene starts, we get to see the babe wearing some very sexy and hot see through lingerie on her bed and toying with her pussy. That’s until the doorbell rang and she answered the door. Of course, she didn’t change and this guy was utterly speechless at the sight of this hot looking cutie. Well she knew she had him interested on the spot. Watch her pull him in and locking the door behind and taking him straight to her room. Once there, she make quick work of his clothes and took her spot on top of him, sliding his cock nice and deep in her cunt. Watch her enjoying a nice pussy fucking this afternoon thanks to the guy and enjoy!


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Jab Comix – The Winglenuts

Time to see some more new jab comix scenes with more sexy and hot cartoon babes that just love cock. This afternoon we bring you another superbly hot and sexy scene with new things to see and it’s quite amazing as well. In this one we get to see a babe that went for a nice jog and ended up fucking random guy at the park. She was really horny back at home and she decided to do something to take her mind off of fucking for a while. As you can see, that didn’t work quite as she planned, but still she got what she needed so at least she has that going for her, which is nice. So let’s get to it and see the cutie with a superb body in some jabcomix action this afternoon.


As we said, she decided to go for a jog and you can bet that she got to wear her sexy sports outfit with tight shorts and a sports bra. It didn’t take long for her to get the attention of one guy that she found attractive too, and before you knew it, the two went to a more private part of the park to take care of her little naughty need today. Watch her undress and then strip the guy as well and she’s quite happy to see that he was packing quite the huge and hard cock in his pants as well. Watch her starting to suck his cock and then see her taking one nice and hard fucking too. And by the end of it, you get to see her cute face loaded with his jizz load too!

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The Voleyball Team

Well this update sure is amazing as well and you are going to see pretty fast why. In this jab comix scene we have a superb little scene for you to see with two babes and two guys. Though it didn’t start out like that. But either way it sure is an amazing one if you want to watch some superbly hot and sexy babes getting their sweet pussies worked and we can guarantee that you will adore the show as well. The thing is that the red head and her blonde buddy were spying on their friend with long brown hair as she was getting some dick from two older guys today. Well let’s get to see what happened in this one shall we everyone?

Long story short, the red headed cutie got noticed. And well everyone else was more than happy to get to let her join in on he fun. The blonde however had to stay back for this one. And so, you get to see the two babes choose a guy and after that you get to watch them both taking a nice and hard dicking on the desk. Take your time to enjoy the superb and hard style group fuck scene this afternoon and see the two babes moaning in pleasure as the two guys use their big cocks to pound their nice and tight wet pussies all day long and enjoy it. As always we will be back next week with more new jabcomix updates for you so stay tuned to catch them!


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Jab Comix – The Farm Lesson Ep. 17

Another fresh week and time for one more superb and fresh Jab Comix update to be brought to your screens today. In this one we get to see a simply stunning red headed mature babe as she gets herself some fresh cock from the new stable hand stud that she hired, after a nice and long hard day of work. She always likes to unwind with a nice and big hard cock and this guy is about to learn that he’s going to be helping her out every day from now on with her needs both on the field and both in bed when the work day is over too. Let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch the action go down as you just need to watch this superb scene today!


Our cute and sexy red headed lady like we said, got her cock for today from the new guy. As soon as the schedule was over, she called him over inside for a nice little extra reward. And he was quite happy to learn what it was as soon as the babe asked him nicely to drop down his pants and whip out his cock. You get to see her take taht cock like a pro and go down on it. See her wrapping her juicy lips around the dick and watch her sucking and slurping on it with a passion until she has the guy unload his load all over her cute face and big natural tits too. We hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll be back soon with more new stuff for you to see!

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Rita Mae’s Rough Fuck

This week’s new and fresh Jab Comix update sure is one amazing one. For this one we bring you a scene with a close encounter of the sexual kind as this babe got to experience the pleasure of an otherworldly fuck, quite literally in the evening. It seems that this curious alien wanted to “Sample” the life forms of this planet and this cutie here named Rita Mae was just the perfect candidate for that. Which is a good thing since she’s just the sluttiest babe around and she always craves pussy pleasing. And do check out the past scenes as well to see some more comics with hot fuck scenes as well everyone. You won’t be disanointed with this one. We guarantee it!

Anyway, coming back to the action in our little gallery this afternoon, like we said, the cutie Rita Mae here was going to have quite the experience with this alien dude today. Sit back and watch her being quite happy to learn that this creature wanted to have some sexual fun. And she was quite impressed with the size of his hard cock as well. Take your time to see her bend over and offering up that cute, round little ass of hers for a nice dicking, and then enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure as she gets fucked doggie style for the rest of the scene. We know you’ll enjoy it and rest assured that this babe will be back with more updates in the future too!


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Relaxing Massage

Today’s jab comix scene is a fresh one and a hot as well. You remember last week we saw these two as well getting to have fun in the shower. Well since you guys loved it so much we bring you another issue with them this fine afternoon and it’s even sexier too. The old guy sure is happy to have a babe as hot as this cutie all to himself and as you will get to see today, you will watch why he loves her so much. She just gets these random spurs of hornyness and she just needs to fuck then and there. Let’s watch her have some more fun with the old stud today and see her getting to play with his nice and big cock without delay shall we?


He wanted to see what she was up to, and he found her in the bedroom playing with herself as she got around to lift up her shirt and massaged her big round tits with one hand while she was fingering her pink pussy with the other. But as soon as she laid eyes on him, she grabbed him by the side of the bed and pulled down his shorts to whip out his nice and hard cock. He got really excited when he saw her masturbating too and she was quite in the mood to have his cock all to herself. Sit back and watch her licking his meat pole at first and then watch her deep throating that huge cock like a champ as well. Enjoy it and see you next week with more jabcomix!

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Jab Comix – Morning Sexyness

Hi there once more everyone. We bring you some more new and hot jab comix updates today and we know that you will enjoy them as well. This week’s scene has a nice and loving couple that will get to show off just how they like to spend their time together and you are sure to love it too. We get to see them in their morning routine before they get to do anything else as they always like to take a bath together. And of course, they always end up doing some nasty and kinky things as well every time they do that too. Well let’s get to watch them play today and see how they enjoyed their morning bath once more today.

Their kinky jabcomix scene starts with the guy waking up first and going to take a shower. Not long after that, the babe follows suite and she herself would like to join him. So she just enters the shower with him. Watch her as she gets more and more horny and you will see her drop to her knees and sucking on that guy’s nice cock to get it nice and hard. Then you can see her getting fucked from behind against the shower glass door and loving every minute of the dicking too. They continue in the tub as well and you get to watch her take some charge and ride his cock cowgirl style as well this afternoon. Have fun with the scene and see you soon!


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