A Model Life

Jab comix returns once more with some all new and all fresh scenes for you to enjoy. What you can expect to see in this amazing gallery is a superbly hot blonde as she gets to have some fun with a friend of hers for the evening. She just landed a job for modeling and she is suppose to go do her first gig tomorrow morning. Well she went in the shower to clean herself as soon as she got back home from the audition and as you can bet, she was extremely happy about the whole thing. So happy in fact, that she started to put some loud music on and sang along with it too. Let the amazing scene start for this gallery and let’s watch the action!

As she took off her towel and started to sing even louder while she was drying off too. The guy can’t stand the noise anymore and he just barges into her room to see her all nude. Well the babe is surprised but doesn’t try to cover herself. She’s very happy as we mentioned, and she’s so happy in fact, that she feels like celebrating with a nice and hard fuck as well. And since the guy was here…Well you get the idea. Watch the blonde beauty teasing him with her sexy round ass and wet pussy and then see her having him plow her cunt hard for the rest of the scene as she begs him to fuck her harder and harder. Great scene and we hope to have many more like it!

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