Hot Ass Neighbor

Hey there everyone, welcome, welcome. We have prepared more new and hot jab comix for you to read through as always and they are incredible. Sharona and Wong get to walk back home from uni and they are both super stoked. Sharmona mostly because she passed the really difficult test with the aid of Wong and the guy is happy because…well, this sexy babe is surely going to reward him handsomely. And  of course he’s hoping for it to be very very sexual as well. Well, he’s going to have to wait until they get back home, but on the way, the babe is not below teasing him with kinky suggestions either, so let’s just get it on and watch what went down in this sexy scene too!

Even her outfit made her look incredible to be honest, and you can see why this guy always has fantasies about her. You can see her big tits bouncing up and down as they walk back and since her shirt couldn’t be buttoned all the way up, you can even see some sweet cleavage through her blue vest. And with a gust of wind passing by, you get to see her sexy skirt lifted to the side too showing off her cute and sexy panties. Wong already noticed all of this and was already daydreaming about her wrapping her lips around his cock as well. Anyway, have fun with it and see you next week with some more all new updates!

See this busty teen teasing this nerdy guy!