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We are back again with more jab comix updates for you and as always they are just amazing. You will surely remember Richard from the past few scenes, and this week he gets to star in another one. Well for one fact, you can be sure that this guy has lots and lots of lady friends that he gets to get it on with, and today we get to see him have some fun with one such babe. She also happens to be a stripper and you can see that she’s simply the most gorgeous looking babe around as well. She has bright blue eyes and long curly blonde hair as well and rest assured that she just adores Richard’s huge and hard cock as well!

Well Richard came by for a visit this afternoon and she took the guy straight to the VIP room. The guy would want more, but it seems that the babe is perfectly fine with them being fuck buddies. And it’s not like she doesn’t want to feel that nice and huge cock inside of her pounding her pussy nice and hard every time that they get to meet either. Sit back and enjoy the jabcomix show as you get to see her using her masterful hands to stroke his big cock and then watch her taking her spot on top of it and riding it too. The two of them proceeded to have some nice and hard style sex for the rest of the afternoon too. See you guys next week with more!

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