JabComics Grumpy Old Man Fuck

Hey there guys. We are back with a new and fresh jab comix update today and we have some more nice and kinky scenes to show off with old man Jefferson today. Last week you got to see him have some very fun times with the busty blonde that gets to take care of his needs. Well the old man loves getting more things on the side as well and you can bet that he gets much more action daily than just that naughty babe. When she’s away on errands, this guy usually gets even more pussy and today you get to see just how he does it as well. So let’s take the time to watch him partying hard with another busty lady today shall we?

This babe is a saleswoman that goes door to door and the guy noticed her while he was watching out the window as she was making sales in the neighborhood and he saw just how hot this babe looked. Well when she knocked on his door, he promptly opened the door and invited her in. He was going to get a piece of that ass one way or another. Even at his age he still knows how to get women wet, and before you knew it, she was moaning with his hand down her pants as she was getting her pussy finger fucked by him. Of course, much more than that went down, but we’ll let you guys discover that for yourselves in the full jabcomix. Enjoy!

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