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Hey there guys and gals and welcome to a new free jab comics update this week here. Since last week you got to see a sexy little lesbian scene and you all loved it, we thought it was time yet again to check out one more. And this time we have to teens that get to show off how they like to play naughty when they have spare time as well. So sit back and relax as in this scene you will be getting to see this hot lesbian couple as they get to have some sex in this issue. And you can expect lots of pussy eating as well, especially from the redhead that is super duper eager to get started and get kinky too. Well, let’s get the show on the road shall we?

The two seem to have found a nice and private spot in the form of the janitor’s closet to play in and you ca bet that they made quick work of one another’s outfits too. The blonde babe Natalie gets to spread her long and sexy legs for her ginger haired friend and you can see that the red haired babe is going all out. Watch her expert tongue and lips working that pussy good enough to make the blonde babe constantly moan in pleasure. Well the babe doesn’t stop until she makes Natalie cum and orgasm and just as she gets to do that, they get busted by the janitor. Well you can be sure that they got out of trouble quite fast after that too if you know what we mean!

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